Music can transport you to other worlds.

Layers of light and sound synchronize and slip apart; dissonant waves of feedback and harmony collide against a fierce backbeat and confident brace of melody and poetry. Careening precisely around the stage, bandleader Myrrh Larsen is the fulcrum of distortion, a captivating blur of pure expression.

Rhythm & myth

You can’t fake truth in music: it’s either there or it isn’t, and Myrrh Larsen songs are rife with it, from each oblique confession to every well-placed note.

Recent collaborations include a wordless fairytale theatre show, a renaissance choral ensemble, a multimedia dance company, and countless rock vocal contributions to bands in the burgeoning underground.

In their signature SONG SAGAS, Myrrh Larsen and band put on a live show like none other, blending theatrical storytelling with highly expressive pop/rock songs, all in close collaboration with non-musical performers that include circus aerialists, dancers, and movement actors.

What listeners are saying about Myrrh Larsen:

“Bear in mind, this isn’t just a tight, very well rehearsed concert. This is
another world. Give into the spell.” — Maria Choban, OREGON ARTS WATCH

“A tremendous show.” — Paul Guinan, comics artist, BOILERPLATE

“Gave the gods of safe and boring a good strong slap.”
— Editorial Board, OREGON ARTS WATCH

“Myrrh Larsen is a gem – absolutely brilliant. Don’t miss out on Grey Gold: it is beautiful. A triumph!” — Sean Andries, Executive Director, CHEHALEM CULTURAL CENTER

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