In Piece Of Me (part of an ongoing series of collaborations with artists of various non-musical disciplines), based on the life and works of Gideon Barstow, Myrrh Larsen asks, “what is real, what is fantasy, and what is fate?”


Through interpreting the found journals and letters of 1930s musician Gideon Barstow, Myrrh Larsen and Meg Russell explore Gideon’s strange descent into visions and possibly madness through a seven song cycle.

An ill-fated love story between a fairy and human, Piece Of Me is told through original modern rock compositions, trapeze, contortion, movement theatre, and improvised circus apparatus.


Inspired by the parallels to Myrrh’s own work in Gideon’s haunting original pieces and creative adaptations, Myrrh presents songs found in Gideon’s journals alongside new original work of his own, exploring what it means to love something or someone who, by their nature, cannot possibly love you back, and blurring the line between the faerie realm and our own.

Offering audiences an immersive multimedia story framed by the more familiar trappings of a rock concert, Piece Of Me invites the audience into a world that tears down the walls between fantasy and reality, between seeing a show and becoming a part of it.