Float, Punch, Glide, Slash; Dab, Wring, Flick, Press

We’ve begun the process of auditioning dancers for our next massively ambitious narrative rock/multimedia/dance piece. It’s going to be an interesting process, and it feels good to be taking the first tentative steps towards it.

It was also my first time sitting in on a movement audition. Basically, we spent two hours directing the actors in theatre games, character and movement exercises to see what kinds of ideas and follow-through they’ve got.

So we’ve already found a couple of strong candidates, and I’m excited about moving into the next round of auditions and starting development. And, hey, maybe also using this website a little more. I’ll try posting some photos from behind the scenes once things get kicking. In the meanwhile, the band’s residency at The Lovecraft is going quite well, and this month we’re raising the stakes by adding a special guest musician on a few songs. You’ll have to come out to see just who: